The Mae Shi

If you like music and you have not yet heard Run To Your Grave by The Mae Shi, you must go listen to it right now. I am serious about this.

If you have already heard it, please explain to me in small words why you didn't tell me about it, and let's get that problem solved, whatever it is.

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    The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave


Those of you who write computer programs might be interested in my latest project: http://codepad.org/.

It's a pastebin that runs your code for you. My idea is that this will be good for showing people how to do things, demonstrating errors and weird behavior, and solving small problems when you don't have an interpreter/compiler handy. Untrusted code is run under a supervisor based on geordi. It uses ptrace, chroot, and resource limits to jail the untrusted code in a way that is probably still not as airtight as I'd like.

If there's a language or feature that would make codepad more useful to you, please request it, and I'll do my best to accommodate.

before the cream sits out too long

The usual suspects and I are going as Devo this Halloween. We all picked different Devo outfits to immitate, and Greg was trying on goggles to go with his:

"Those are good."

"How about these?"

"No, they're too cool. Now you look like you're in Front 242."

"It's a fine line."

Hazel's Maxim

In conversation tonight, my brother Greg and I were bemoaning the fact that there are always lousy computer programmers out there producing lousy code, and good programmers are perpetually stuck dealing with it. Greg then originated a succinct, funny statement of profound truth about software engineering. I'm calling it "Hazel's Maxim" (let's hope I never make up a good maxim, I'd be out of luck!)
Hazel's Maxim: "You can take the fuck-ups from the code, but you can't take the code from the fuck-ups."


Last December, I learned that FolderShare was acquired by Microsoft. I worked at FolderShare in the early days, and had a hand in building all of the major pieces of the system. After I left they continued to improve it for a couple years, but I figure Microsoft owns some fairly substantial chunks of my code now. Too bad I didn't have any stock.

More recently, I learned that Sony Pictures had agreed to buy Grouper, where I worked until early this year. I put a lot of effort into Grouper, and wrecked my wrists in the process, so I was very happy to hear that it amounted to something. And this time, I did have some stock! As one of my friends put it, I won the Internet Lotto -- but only the scratch-and-win game, not the mega-jackpot game with the little numbered balls.


evan just put together the web page for his excellent C read-eval-print loop hack, c-repl. If you code in C every day the way I used to, you will no doubt be running this thing in a terminal at all times starting any second now.